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My Compaq puter (Model # 7947) has the following specs.:

-600 MHz Athlon CPU
-128 SDRAM
-TNT2 Ultra G card
-Microsoft Windows 98
-30 Gig HardDrive
-128 bit SoundCard

I want to upgrade my system into a killer gaming machine, any suggestions? Would upgrading just the graphics card into a readeon 9600 Plus pro deluxe (Whatever its called) give me fast framerates? Would Upgrading to a 1000 MHz CPU improve lots? One more ques., how dose the TNT2 Ultra compare to the readeon?

-Thanks Guys
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  1. If you want a killer gaming machine, IMO you should build one from scratch. You would need to upgrade your ram, cpu, and video card. If you swapped the TNT with a new radeon, you would only notice a minor improvement. Your ram and cpu could not keep up with that card. Definatley do some research and build yourself a new rig...if your short on cash save up for a while, you want your machine to rock.

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  2. just a guess, but I don't think your computer will have an AGP slot since it is made by compaq, I could be wrong, but you would want to check that if you decide to stick with just an upgrade.

    I would agree with the above post and say it is probably best to build a new rig.

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  3. You remember the original Radeon DDR? Now it's a little faster and called the Radeon 7500. Anyway, you can find them for around $50 if you look long and hard, and your game will improve by about 150%. If your card is a TNT2 Vanta or M64, your game will improve by about 300%.

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  4. Get a Radeon 9000 (non-Pro) and more ram.

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  5. Thanks for the help guys, i appreciate it.
    If i decide to go with an upgrade, how much should i upgrade? How much MHz and Ram (also what kind)?
  6. To spitfire and crashman:
    Why shouldn’t i get the top graphics card?
  7. Your CPU will not be able to extract full performance from a top-end graphics card (like GF4 Ti or ATI Radeon 9700/9500 series).

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