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Hi all, recently got a Panasonic Viera 32" LCD tv. My CPU uses a ATI Radeon HD 4800 series which DVI output.

So i did the usual, got a DVI-HDMI cable. My monitor was on 1440x900 when i switched, and it looked pretty great on the TV. I used it for about 30 minutes and it was fine. The next day (today) I was using it for another hour and it started to flicker - i then fiddled with the resolution like setting it to max 1920x1080, or down to 1280x720 or 640x480, nothing worked. Fiddled with the refresh rate, nothing worked. The flickering got worse and worse and now for the past 2 hours there is no signal at all and I've done everything I could to try it to get it back to no avail.

My TV doesn't seem to have any special HDMI settings such as resolution, as far as i know 720p or 1080p is purely on a detect basis. I know the refresh rate of the TV is 60Hz and it's the same on my monitor and computer. I tried downloading latest drivers, shutting off my TV main power, rebooting my computer, force setting to 1280x720 for HDTV using Catalyst Control Center - nothing works. Any suggestions - is my cable fried? Do i need a better gfx card?
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  1. The card usually comes with HDMI to DVI adaptor. With the adaptor, you can use regular hdmi cable to get both audio and video to the TV(or receiver).

    Swap out the cable.
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