New Laptop Advice - My Acer 5101 is too slow...

I'd appreciate any advice on what laptop to buy (and where to buy it from). Here's what I am looking for:

• $350 - $800 (lower the better)
• Not bothered about size of screen really.
• More a desktop replacement laptop is needed.
• More battery life the better.
• Not too bothered about playing games but I tend to use my laptop in a resource intensive way with lots of programs open at once. My Acer Aspire 5101, AMD Turion 2.0 Ghz on XP struggles a bit.
• 200GB+ storage would be good, with DVD Writer.
• Not too bothered about the brand. In fact I tend to dislike all the crap that come with branded laptops and have to reinstall everything to get rid of it.
• Would prefer XP since it is lighter than XP or Windows 7. I switched from Vista to XP on my Acer Aspire 5101 for that reason.
• I'll be staying in the U.S when I buy. I normally buy from in the UK which is an awesome site. Very cheap, easy to use site with user ratings, and they have some of their own 'no frills' branded gear which is cheap but works really well. Where do you tend to buy from?
• Second hand or refurbished would work as well.
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