Is Netflix a free APP with Samsung 55?

Hello, We are trying to decide between Sharp 52" and Samsung 55" (on a good sale right now at Best Buy). From what I've read, since we already have a Netflix subscription, all we would have to do is download the Netflix app, which I am thinking is free. Anyone know if this is available with this particular model? Also on another subject, we have Direct TV now, but only standard dish and receiver. Will we need to get a different dish installed? We know we will need a different receiver... thanks for your help!
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  1. Hmm, you didn't identify which Sharp or Samsung models you are looking at. I would imagine the Best Buy salesman could tell you, since that's their job, or you could visit the manufacturer's website and check which models support Netflix.

    You can also use an XBox or Sony PS3 to stream Netflix movies to any HDTV, without a Netflix disc which was required prior to last week.
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