I need help, system locking up

My computer will lock up when I play Asherons Call, and very rarely in Battlefield 1942. I just recently got my new Video Card(Gigabyte Raedon 9700 Pro), Mobo, Processor, and ram. I made shure EVERY driver is up to date...hell I even re-installed, but to no avail it still locks up. I cant alt-tab, Ctrl-x, Ctrl-Esc,or Alt-Ctrl-Delete either. It will lock up during gameplay while im trying to kill something. And for some reason I cant Alt-Tab out of the game because if I do this is what happens. I get back into windows but then it locks up after I click a few times trying to get into other screens. Could my motherboard be incompatable with my Videocard or my videocard have some kind of error, or is it the drivers? Ive run ram test software and thats not the case. Im at a loss for solutions, any info would help.


2.53 P4
Intel D845GEBV2
Gigabyte ATI Raedon 9700 Pro
Creative Labs Audigy
768MB DDR 333
Viewsonic VX700-2 Monitor - DVI
Yamaha 44x Burner w/T@2 technology
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  1. Could it be a driver conflict?

    hmmmm i really wouldn't know, but did you have installed a fresh windows system or not?

    overriding drivers can mess up Windows (or WINBLOWS :D ) and then you can have strange hangs etc etc

    if windows is freshly installed, then i would suggest to look at the ramdac temp (open the case, and when it hangs, you just feel the heat of your ramdac's) a friend of me encountered the same and he glued heatsinks on it, and the troubles were over...

    otherwise, i wouldn't know, but he had the same gaphics card

    Enosi and I....
  2. Agreed, this does sound like an OS issue...

    When using a Win9x system, the Operating System does not "like" it when you swap vid cards. The solution that works best (unless you know how to edit the registry) is to completely reinstall windows.

    After that, then I would start chasing hardware solutions...

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  3. Check your AGP settings. AGP driving strength, aperture, fast write, etc.

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