LCD TV with internet logic vs. 'dumb' LCD TV and external box

Looking to buy LCD somewhere around 40/42" and have been noticing the majority of newer LCD TVs have some type of internet capabilities built right into the box, and most future models will have it by default.

For instance a Samsung 650 has "Samsung Apps", basically:
-Stream my backed up library of DVDs


A dumber version of the TV (say Samsung 550) with no internet logic/apps (yes does have wireless and Ethernet in) combined with an Apple Tv, Roku, Boxx Box, or Google Tv, etc...

Buying the TV with an external box is likely a bit cheaper and, in some cases, I would opt for apples take on user interface over Samsung or Vizio, etc..

Looking for opinions, especially if people are considering this, or why they have went one way or the other. Updatability/extensibility etc...

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  1. The tv apps tend to be slow and NO tolerance for lag in your broadband connection (I'm looking at you, DSL). I would recommend going "dumb" and using a HTPC or box like you mentioned. I recently went through 4 mainboards on an LG set just trying to get one that would stay online. Yuck.
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