How to Dissect Those Black Friday Laptop Deals

Just wanted to share: A recent article on PC World shows what shoppers should consider before deciding on what Black Friday purchase to target. Featured is a $197 HP G60-507DX.

So what are you guys aiming for this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, if any? :)
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  1. I treated myself to Dragon Age for $37 on Steam :) Times are tough!
  2. Sorry for the late rep. In any case, that's a good buy :)
  3. I only paid Amazon $39 with free shipping :P.

    Pretty good game actually, but my character still hasn't learned one damn spell yet. She & her team got toasted a lot when fighting in one of the preliminary quests to find some scrolls or whatever... The built-in PhsyX engine made it look pretty painful when they went up in flames & acid fumes :D.

    Back on topic, I note Dell is frantically flogging laptop deals every day of the week now. I was considering a Studio 17 touchscreen deal, and they cut 15% off the price. Never did buy it however - have heard too many bad things about their recent quality lately, plus their banning complainers & deleting posts from the support forums reminds me too much of Apple...
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