Looking for some kind of case called " ALIENWARE".

Hi and Aloha from Hawaii Folks,

I am looking for someone that has an old Alienware /Cheiftec
case that they dont need. It came out in 2000 I think.
Its a big one with the words on the front saying.......... ,
" ALIENWARE ", bottom to top. I heard it was a Cheiftec Dragon or something. I dont know what it is , but many say it is ugly, but I think I might like it. If it is bare, or nothing in it it be fine also.
I am going to do a project and I thought that name "ALIENWARE", sounded good. If anyone has one to get rid off let me know.
email me at ........ ( res0ot4t1@msn.com ).
If you live close to hawaii let me know if you can ship , and let me know
if you want to get rid of such a case. Never seen one before but will chance it if one comes up. Maybe it can be dis-assembled and sent here.

Thank you very much for a response ................ ALOHA
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  1. Do you mean the RaidMax one with the Yellow Samurai Logo, kinda of looks like a Bumblee Bee Color and Face Plate! I think they sold it at Fry's or, I Would try Newegg.com or CaseDepot.com! You sure its Alienware?
  2. Hi Folks,
    I have requested some information about finding a specific case, but now I found
    out it was made by Chieftec Called a Dragon. It was used for the Alienware Tower
    that is the same as Antec has. Okay, this is the one used with the ALIENWARE
    on the front of the bezel cover to update my asking. This case some guy spoke off in a thread about having and old case and going to reuse it because he had it in
    his basement since about .... ( 2001-2002 ). He posted pictures of it too. All steel
    looks like a giant Antec 1080 but huge.
    It shows wrapped up in plastic and real nice too.
    Full tower, the 2001-02 model the old gamer from Alienware, big blue or silver one he said. If any information yet email me at the same : ( res0ot4t1@msn.com )
    Thanks for a couple replys and appreciate the help.
  3. Aloha again Folks,

    The case I am looking for I have a picture of it finally. I need to know , how do I get it into my thread to post ? How is the picture opened to
    display so someone knows what I am talking about.
    Need help with this. I have a picture here to show.
    Thanks again for you tremendous help in alot of things and knowledge
    that really helps.

  4. You need to upload the picture to 'Imageshack' or a similar site, and then post the link along with your post. Comply with the size limitations.
  5. Ubrales said:
    You need to upload the picture to 'Imageshack' or a similar site, and then post the link along with your post. Comply with the size limitations.

    Ubrales , Aloha man ,
    Hey thanks alot for the reply. I will try to find out how to do all this. Thanks to this
    forum and guys like you who return messages, I have learned alot so far. Far from
    being a computer pro yet, I seem to get alot done. This case I am wanting, it
    suppose to be 2000-20001 that Alienware made it. I fgot a picture of it and I got
    to like the looks of it. Now, getting hold of one thats the big problem. If I get one
    it does not have to be complete, becuse all I will need is the frame-work and the
    front bezel with the name on it. A guy replied, but he has a Antec 1080 he said.
    Back here in Hawaii not to many people have all those old things I guess.
    Most people buy new ones and do it. But I can do MODDING quite good so I like to
    take the challenge on.
    Thanks again and appreciate the reply..................... LongBike.
  6. Found the website for ...... Image Shack posted the pictures,now have to find
    out how to get them to the forums and I be ok.
    Thanks LongBike
  7. Great! Keep on trucking!

    There is also 'Photo Bucket' - similar to Image shack.
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