How to determine whether ur CPU/videocard has died

My system has died??..well it would not start...switch it ON and no display appeared..the HDD IDE Led was ON constant..not sure whether the videcard or the CPU has died...there were no burnt smell nor were there burnt marks on any of the parts - viceocard, CPU (can't really tell SLOT 1 SECC2), memory or on the mobo..
My system is
Pentium 3 850Mhz Slot 1
768MB Hynix memory 3x256MB
ASUS P3B-F mobo
1x 40GB Western Digital HDD
1x 20GB Samsung HDD
Pioner DVD-ROM

I suspect it's videcard but unsure...could someone giv me some advice hot to check for sure...without taking it into computer repair shop...

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  1. Pull out the video card completely. Switch on and the system should beep at you - normally 1 long beep followed by 3 short ones indicate no video. If you hear these (or any other) beep combination, the mobo has reached POST status and your CPU is working.
    If you get no beeps, pull each component out one by one except the cpu and try again each time you pull something out. This should identify the faulty part. with no RAM there should be constant slow beeping (check that the speaker is connected too - does it normally beep once when you boot up?)

    If no beeps come, then the CPU is suspect.
    If beeps come, then put back the video card and re-try - sometimes this 're-seating' is sufficient to 'fix' the issue.

    Good luck!!
  2. oh and also - when the cpu is removed, the fans won't even spin up. This will give you a clue without opening the case!
  3. Bad monitor?

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  4. Out of would u pull the CPU out with the Case closed ?????

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  5. I suspect either your motherboard or power supply. Anyway, I'd find another Slot 1 system (Coppermine compatable of course) and test the CPU and Video card in it, if you really think one of those are the problem.

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  6. Wait, I just noticed you said your hard drive LED was on constantly? Try disconnecting the data cables to your hard drive and CD-ROM, and see if BIOS display (POST screen) comes up.

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  7. Yea, I hav done most of the things mention...
    no beeps when I switched ON
    Took out the CPU system is bare nothing connected - Low tone beep, High pitch beep
    CPU only - no beeps
    CPU, memory - no beeps
    CPU, memory, videocard - no beeps
    Everything connected - no beeps..
    If u r right, well guess my CPU is RIP...ah CRAP!...
    Thanx all...hav learnt quite alot from this...
    May need to consider getting a new mobo, CPU & gfx card I guess..

    Anyone knows a mobo that has integrated gfx & an AGP slot too?

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  8. Original nVidia's nForce.....gas GeForce 2 MX400 built into it...and also an expansion AGP 4X Slot....

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