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1152p vs 1200p vs 1080p - Which to buy...

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
September 8, 2009 12:00:22 PM

After recently (lil over a month) building my new i7 system, I find the need to replace my old 1024p 17inch monitors.
I need it to have HDMI.

After looking, Ive seen 1153p, 1200p and 1080p monitors.

Cheapest by a landslide.
Lowest pixel count.
1.77 aspect ratio (preferred, for movies and the such).

Mid price.
Mid pixel count.
1.66 aspect ratio (wasted pixels when watching movies and the such, but forces me to scroll my eyes less, and helps with webpages which are optimized for a better vertical pixel count).

Highest price.
Best pixel count.
1.77 aspect ratio.
Tend to be extremely ugly. Seriously, good thing these have the extra pixels to distract you from their fuglyness. Would be a difficult transition from my extremely sexy ViewSonic VX724 (which I paid out of the ass for 4 years ago, foolish me, but still awesome. A single dead pixel, which seems to only be dead half the time, oddly enough).

Of course I want to spend as little as possible... I can get a 1080p for nearly half the price of a 1152p. I know I could just use two in a multi monitor setup, but I dont even use my current 2x 17inch setup often.
Another issues is no Canadian eteller I can find sells 1152p monitors cheap. For example,`s cheapest 1152p is about $200, while is a lil over $300 (with only one option, click here).

So, can anyone convince me otherwise of the 1152p monitor for the slightly inferior and much cheaper 1080p or 1200p, or can anyone find me a good place to ship one for cheap to Calgary, Alberta, Canada...
This is the third time now has dissapointed me with products only available on the American site (Bloodrage (They only had GTI edition), some thing I forgot that, and now cheap 1152p monitors). Granted, I have had fun bitching at Newegg live customer support a lot...

Take this into consideration though... I like to have the best, yet at the moment I make $13 an hour (thank something my rent is dirt cheap).

I will likely order before the end of the week. Too bad I dont have a grand sitting around for a 1600p monitor... (oh wait, I do... what do you mean I cant waste it all...)
(Too bad I missed it, my local Staples just had a amazing back to school sale on monitors.)

Remember, Canadian stores please. If they also ship to Canada, then american stores and prices away.

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a b C Monitor
September 8, 2009 12:38:06 PM

I would tend to lean towards 1920x1200, personally. I find the additional vertical space is quite nice, and all of the higher end monitors remain at the 16:10 aspect ratio. If you can afford it, the Dell Ultrasharp 2408WFP is an excellent monitor, and will blow away any TN panel (such as every single 1080p and 1152p computer monitor available) in color capability and general image quality.
September 9, 2009 6:17:07 AM

Very nice....
very expensive. >_<

Dell also doesn't ship to Canada... (assholes... was going to lay down a grand on a vostro laptop but the lack of shipping was a large deterent).

I like TN panels because they're half the price typically. ^_^
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September 9, 2009 6:40:36 AM

Dammit.... Newegg has no love again for it's Canadian counterpart... just looking at prices of 1200p monitors...

So far, this 1152p monitor is the convincer for me.
2048x1152 res, comes with all the cables (VGA Cable, DVI Cable, Power Cable, Audio Cable, USB Cable, HDMI Cable), $348 CAD shipped... It's specs are nothing special though. Comes with being a TN panel I guess.

I want something other than a TN panel, but anything else is out of my price range.

Comes on Toms forum junkies... you've convinced me to buy other parts before, you're not working hard enough this time. :lol: 
September 10, 2009 7:42:45 PM

I will personally never by Acer again, I have had purchased a few of their products, and have never been happy. Just my personal opinion however.

These are the two monitors I am looking at, they are virtually the same, just one is 1080p and the other is 1152p, both are $219 right now (not sure about Canada though :-/)


SAMSUNG 2333SW 23"
September 13, 2009 2:50:36 AM

Thank you.
I actually ordered the Samsubg 2343BWX 23" yesterday from NCIX.
I also oredred two ultra violet cold cathodes and a game controller. With taxes, express shipping, extra warranty (NCIX's zero dead pixel policy for $11, which seems important to me since this is Samsings first generation 1152p, meaning it's less polished though cheaper) on the screen and shipping insurance (a LCD is one of the few things I'll actually bother with that. 1.5% is a trivial amount to pay).
All in all, it was less then I'd pay with newegg.
Pay less + extra warranty + 1-2 shipping + 3 hour (3 hours to pack the product, verify shipment and ship it out... damn) processing time (took newegg 72 hours to process my last order), and not Newegg.
I'm happy. I'll be happier when it arrives (not the 1 day, though I'm hoping for two, or I'll demand my express shipping money back).
September 16, 2009 10:53:42 AM

Quite an awesome screen so far.

Good job Samsung.
Cheap, high quality, sexy.