How do you aim a direct tv dish

I have a direct tv simline 3lnb kaku banda high def dish with built in multiswitch
direct tv modeel H21-100 reciever

I'm having trouble getting a signal

are these devices compatable
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  1. Hi, I'm newbie..maybe in future, i'll need your help!
    Game over
  2. you DONT need professional installation for directv satalite dishes. all you need is two people.

    -first, make sure your dish is pointed in the general direction (check your manual or dtv box instructions when in the "set up" mode). this includes making sure your dish is at a point where it has a direct path without any trees or other obstructions in the way which can block signal. this might include having to post or chimney mount a dish.

    -second, when you tune into the signal finder part of setup on your box you will have a signal strength meter.. have the person outside move the dish around slightly until you get "better" or "worse" and then call out to them to have them continue in the direction they are going or to adjust it differently. to get a respectable signal (if you have a direct view of the sky) shouldn't take any longer than 10-15minutes once the mount and everything is in place.

    -third, if step two shows no signal then change your transponder (satalite) to a different one. which one you use varies by your area. once you get signal go back to step two)

    -fourth, once your signal is respectable lock the dish down. keep in mind that you dont bump the dish much during this process. you might have to losen and retighten if you do!


    complicated wiring? hard to aim? you've got to be joking. anyone with some free time and basic skills can set one up.

    dtv bad press? all satalite providers are out there to make money. every single one of them will shaft you royally. if you want what they provide, dtv is no worse than others. (we had them)
  3. fr8mvr is right go on it will give you a google earth type of picture of your house with a line that line is where you need face your dish, and then ssddx tells you how to do all the spot on,
  4. It's installations like that example that give Directv a bad name. For a basic 18" dish you cou ld do that, but not for SWM 3 or a SWM 5 LNB bc your talking about picking up between 3-5 different satellites depending on your area. If you don't have your satellite centered on 101 by dithering in your elevation and your azimith with a meter like a bird dog then you probably won't be able to activate it bc all the transponders have to be within 2% of each other
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