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I have a HP Printer installed and shared on a computer A via usb cable. i want to install the shared printer on other computers B and Computer C as well. All computers are connected to a router.

Well upon browsing to computer A (\\ from the other computers logged with administrator access, i could see the shared printer. I double clicked and installed the printer driver and i could see the shared printer on Computer B and Computer C. It worked fine and i could print successfully. But when i logged on the Limited accounts on computer B and C, I cannot see the shared printer.

Please advice me in details how can i install the shared printer on Limited Accounts? Note that all computers are running on Windows XP. I have double checked the firewall i cannot find anything wrong. Do i need to set security access rights and how?

Thanks a lot for ur help in advance. :)
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  1. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by: the "limited accounts" on "Computer B and Computer C". Are you referring to non-administrator accounts (IE guest accounts) on those computers? If so, you need to log into the administrator account on both computers, and allow all users to utilize the shared printer. You should be able to allow access to all users via the control panel < printers and other hardware < printers and faxes. Then right click on the printer and go to properties. Once there, double check the sharing tab to make sure the printer is definitely set to shared. Then click on the advanced tab and make sure the top box is checked "Always available". Click apply, then ok and you should be good to go. Swap over to one of the limited accounts and see if it will print.

    Make sure you have the printer setup on the limited accounts. If it's not, add the printer and see if it will print. Hope that helps.
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