LED LCD the same as LED?

trying to buy a new 22 inch TV I see some of them advertised as LED and other as LED LCD. My question: are these two the same thing or not? We recently bought a 46 inch TV and the salesman assured us that LED LCD is the same as just LED. Was he right?
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  1. In short, they are similar except for the back-lighting of the screen. LCD uses fluorescent lamp and LED uses LEDs (light emitting diodes) to control backlighting. LCD consumes more power whereas LED consumes less lower. It is now up to you to decide if the salesman is right or no ?
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    ignore suat.

    yes a "led tv" is the same as a "led lcd" tv in terms of marketing slang. they have used very poor judgement when creating their ads and labels.

    technically a normal "lcd tv" uses ccfl backlighting but they dont label it as "ccfl lcd tv". however they do label an lcd tv with led backlighting as a "led lcd tv" which is odd.

    as far as the "led tv" label is concerned many people seem to think the screen is made up of leds (which is false) instead of it really being just backlit by leds.
  3. I appreciate both of your answers. You need to consider, however, that for a layperson, even ccfl is an unfamiliar term. suat did not actually address the question of whether an LED LCD TV is the same as simply a LED TV. ssddx came closer. I think you know so much about these things that you it's hard for you to come down to my level (of total ignorance of these details).
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  5. They are saying that both use a Liquid crystal display (LCD).
    The only difference is what the screen is back lit by.
    There are little lights in back of the LCD that make it brighter, so that you are able to see it.
    LED TVs are back lit by a small fluorescent light. A "ccfl" is an abbreviation for "cold cathode fluorescent lamp".

    LED LCD are back lit by Light Emitting Diodes(LED).

    LED's use less electricity.
    So the choice comes down to what you want your screen back lit by. florescent lights use mercury vapor that when electrified causes ultraviolet light emissions which hit a fluorescent coating on the light that makes the light visible.
  6. It is not important what you are saying. It is important to make sure that the addressee understands what you are saying.

    It seems I did fail in this respect.
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