Breaking in the new 'phones and player

Nothing is more disappointing than buying an awesome PMP and not having a good set of headphones to back it up. Then again, what's the point in buying a new set of headphones if you don't have the proper music to break them in?
So how 'bout it? Do you prefer you the thrashing fast paced Metal? Maybe you prefer your bass screwed and chopped? Or do you like to keep things more dramatic and symphonic? Perhaps you like your music to be computer-generated?
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  1. well tbf, the best way to brun in is to play low bass, while playing pink noise...

    but if u want o listen to music, as for the 'burn in' effect, then any song is fine tbf, but its best to get music, thats rich with sound, for best effect listen to music that covers most of the audible frequnecy.

    but he first thing i do is playing plenty of low bass, not loud bass, but low Hz bass.
  2. Classical has the best dynamic range. It should push the phones pretty well. Orchestral music will cover the entire audible spectrum. Put on some movie scores by James Horner or Harry Gregson Williams.
  3. I don't specifically "break in" my headphones. I just listen to my normal music, at normal volumes.
  4. Since most of my music collection IS heavy metal, that is what I use. I also have a pretty decent classical collection (opera... no thanks).

    I just listen normally...

    Good 'ol Slayer - pre haunting the chapel....

    Black magic night
    We've been struck down
    Down in this Hell
    Spells surround me day and night
    Stricken by the force of evil light
    The force of evil light

    Under his spell
    Blinding my eyes
    Twisting my mind
    Fight to resist the evil inside
    Captive of a force of Satan's might
    A force of Satan's might

    Fighting the curse
    Break it I must
    Laughing in sorrow
    Crying in lust

    My strength slips away
    Soon I must fall
    Victim of fortune
    My sources grow small
    Life slips away
    As demons come forth
    Death takes my hand
    And captures my soul
  5. :) sounds like a poem
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