Can't boot at all

So YESTERDAY I tried installing my new PSU and when I tried booting I got stuck on windows, I replaced the PSU with the old one and still no luck. So I burned a repair disc and that fixed the problem after it did repairs.
But today, I tried the NEW psu AGAIN and again, no luck.
I tried safe mode, repair disc, repair drive, everything. I get a blank screen with no cursor when I try and of those. Considering I can't boot off of *** idk what to do. Please help community.
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  1. This is what I would do.
    Remove the HDD and attach it to another PC through usb . So u need a ide/sata to usb adapter.
    Save all the files you need.
    Put back the HDD in the desktop and just reinstall the OS.
    See how the PC acts for a few hours and if it's stable.
    I hate the repairing option. U never know how long will work.
    A fresh , clean installation is better in my opinion.
    I don't think there is anything wrong with the PSU, but who knows.
  2. K well you see, I don't really wanna lose over half a terrabyte of files, ha.
    And if you didn't notice, I get a blank/frozen screen every time I do ANYTHING.
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