Comcast digital cable to projector.

Here we go....I bought this projector:

My apartment I am currently living in has only coaxial cables in the wall, so we run internet and basic cable with small digital cable boxes (coaxial only) from comcast. Quality aside, would it be possible to connect my projector to the camcast cable boxes to watch TV with my projector?
I have a sony "digital audio control center" that controls my entire set of surround sound speakers that has a coaxial connection, would it be possible to use my audio control center as a way to connect the cable and projector together? Or would I need to get a larger, more options box from comcast? Or would I have to buy some type of converter box?

A few years ago, a buddy of mine had a really old projector and connected it to our dish network box with little hassle through his own audio connection center that he was using. That would definitely be option one, even with reduced quality.
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    I'd check your digital audio control center. I'd be willing to bet (a small bet) that the coaxial connection is actually and FM Radio input. If it *is* a coaxial video input, then the system should have some sort of video output as well and you should use that to connect to your new projector.

    If, as I'm guessing, the coaxial port on the sound system is not for video input, probably your easiest solution would be to get a DVD player or VCR that has a coaxial input and composite or s-video output. That way, you could also watch DVDs / VCR tapes on your projector as well.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thanks a lot man! Pretty much the exact information I needed to know.
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