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I have been searching for a laptop that can support two external monitors (LCD). I have found 1 that will support this without question, (Lenovo W700), however it is a beast which is best described as a mobile desktop in terms of size and weight and much more than I need.

I wanted to know whether anyone has any experience in this area. Specifically, it seems clear that most laptops come equipped with a VGA out and HDMI. Some even include a display port. So the question is whether anyone has attempted to use the VGA and HDMI outputs at the same time for two external displays on a laptop. I have spoken with a HP rep who said it would work, but since they dont advertise it and there seems to be no documentation on the matter I am skeptical.

The other possible solution is a docking station, but again there is no documentation that verifies it will work. Other than testing a model I am running short of ideas other than the W700.

Any information or insight is appreciated.

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  1. VGA is an analog connection, and doesn't use a clock like DVI/HDMI, so a notebook with VGA and HDMI output should do triple displays. DisplayPort also doesn't use a clock, so the same goes for that.

    There aren't many triple monitor solutions in desktop GPUs, let alone in notebooks, which are meant to be mobile; dedicated LCDs are not. If you really need three LCDs, you're better off getting a desktop and waiting to get home to do work.
  2. I have never actually tried it, I have hooked up my monitor to my Lenovo T500 and tried switching inputs but it wouldn't work. Dual screens yes, but not 3 at one time or at least that I have been able to get working although the problem I think is with the switchable gfx solution.

    Why do you need 3 screens? why not just put two windows side by side on one screen?
  3. Thank you for the replies. I actually do not need the Laptop display to work while connected with the two externals if this makes any difference. The goal is to have a single machine that is portable and can connect to two external displays.

    I have considered the dedicated desktop option, and the primary reason why a single laptop solution is preferred is simply for efficientcy. 50% of the time the laptop would be used as a laptop, and the other 50% it will be used on the two externals. It may be too much to ask. As I stated on the first post, the W700 can do this, but its portability is more limited simply due to its weight and size. Ideally I would like to find a laptop that is more of a laptop but still has the 2 external monitor ability.
  4. I am looking for the same laptop. Dell tech-sales told me that their XPS 15, 16, 17 series has such capabilities. You would run one monitor on the VGA port and the other on the HDMI port. This is only valid on this series' motherboard, as the HDMI is not attached to the video card and thus replicates what is on the laptop screen. This will get you 2 externals, but the laptop screen will be a mirror of the HDMI external monitor.
  5. I never got the laptop because it was easier to get a dedicated tower and have a seperate laptop. However Jeffbrj, if it works please let me know for future knowledge.
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