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Hey everyone. I have an overheating issue i think. Here is what i have:
ABIT NF7-S, 512 Corsair CL2, Coolermaster HHC 001, Albatron GF4 4200 128, 320w PS, 80 IDE IBM 7200 and 60 IDE IBM 7200. The case is a Raidmax ATX 268BW.

I have the case hooked up with 2 Coolermaster 80x80 fans at the side bottom of the case blowing in. I have in the rear a 40x40(?) blowing out the back. In BIOS, my system temp is 26 deg C, and my CPU temp is 59 deg C.

What i want to know is this new "B" stepping run hotter than the older ones? I hear most people are running 40 deg C on the average with other CPU's. Is this normal? What temp should i be seeing or should be getting? The temperature in the room is on the average of 24 deg C.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, James
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  1. Hmmm.
    From what i read it may be running warm, but i dont see any "Overheating issue"

    AMD chips are known to run warm. Its just how they run. An "overheating issue" is when it keeps locking up.

    Does yours do that under full load?
    If not, i wouldnt worry about it.
    The temperature sensor on AMD cpus are notoriously innacurate and uncalibrated.
    As your system temp is only 26C you are getting adequate case cooling it seems, and you have a decent CPU cooler, so i just suspect that your particular setup is reading CPU temps on the high side, like mine does.
    anything from 60c to 80c is normal for me!

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  2. Hey there,

    Must agree with lhgpoobaa - the last system I built for my bro also had me slightly concerned about my temps, which were ~10 C higher than everybody else was reporting. But when I used an external probe (wedged between the ceramic and the heatsink), I got almost exactly 10 C less than using the internal diode. I'm guessing both are correct, but most people are reporting temperatures from an external probe. Either that or you and me both have problems buddy... 8^)
  3. The bios temp being reported may be wrong. I get higher numbers in my bios than my Asus probe reports. Get MBM-5 and see what it reports.

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