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Is this a good deal on a cheaper monitor?

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
September 10, 2009 6:20:30 AM

I have very little knowledge on computer monitors so I was hoping the community might be able to help me out. Today I saw the following deal at office max.|categoryId~10004^categoryName~Technology^parentCategoryID~category_root^prodPage~25^region~1@ijplra76|prodPage~15^refine~1^region~1^categoryName~Monitors^categoryId~288^parentCategoryID~cat_10004@7jf5gsnw|prodPage~15^refine~1^position~16^region~1@d9d126zy|prodPage~15^sort~Price+(Low-High)^refine~1^position~1^region~1

More details on the monitor.

I'm wondering what I might be missing out if I get this monitor instead of a more expensive version (other than size obviously)? The monitor would be used for both watching TV and gaming. I am still using an old CRT monitor (about seven years old now, I have gone through four computer on the one monitor) so I don't really understand what the differences would be between newer lower end and higher end monitors. Does 1080p make that much of a difference? Is there other features I am missing?

Thank you for your assistance.

Best solution

September 10, 2009 11:58:40 AM

For the price, it's good.
Don't know about the company though.

1920x1080 monitors can be had for about $150.

1920x1080 has 2,073,600 pixels at 16/9 aspect ratio.
1600x900 has 1,440,000 pixels at 16/9.

For about 50% more, you egt about 30% more pixels.
It's your choice, but I like high resolutions.
Miss my old CRT actually... that thing could pull off 1600x1200 res (but it died).

For movies, you won't miss much.
For games, it won't be much use unless your graphics are strong enough to support this resolution.
I'd go for a 1080p (actually going for 1152p, which is twice as expensive), but I view it as a worthwhile investment. I am on my computer 5+ hours a day, so a hundred extra bucks is trivial.