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i have been able to configure two systems, one on and the other on pcspecialist the DELL pc is £50 cheaper and both systems are of similar performance, if you have had any experience with either or both could you advise me on customer service etc?

Also with PCSPecialists i know exactly what would be in my build whereas with DELL i don't know what quality the components would be of - Should i go with PCSpecs for that reason ?

Any help on making a decision appreciated :D
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  1. PCSpecialist > Dell.
    But have you looked at Dinopc?
  2. I hadn't even heard of them but their stuff looks excellent
  3. after reading some horror stories about dinopc i am feeling a little hesitant at the moment :/
  4. I've bought several Pc's from pc specialist in the past normally i build my own but my partner needed a new machine and didn't have time to wait for me to get back to the UK and build one

    When i priced up the parts i could buy separately ( from reputable dealers including separate postage) it wasn't much more expensive than building it myself something like 20 pounds which seemed pretty reasonable so I sent them her old Coolermaster. CM Stacker 830 to put new hardware in.

    We have had no problems to call to test the warranty but there initial service was prompt , the quality of the build
    ( cabling , layout etc was neat and tidy )

    Don't touch Dell , they are fine for there affordable laptops and all in one pc's for Mr Joe average , but if you want to get something a little special and not have it locked up so tight Harry Houdini couldn't upgrade / over-clock it

    Lets not even start on the driver issues I've had with DELL re branded components and other Os's or even clean XP
  5. If you go dell, purchase their gold warranty, its the one thing that makes Dell awesome. Without their in-home next business day warranty, they suck just like all the other brands.
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