quick question-is this ok?

Just overclocked my pc and it seems to be running ok but i'm a little worried about the pci and agp bus speeds.
Here's the relevant info:
XP 2000+ (palomino) running at 12.5X142= 1775 (1.85VCore)
Albatron KX400+ Motherboard (KT333)
512 Mb DDR 266 cl 2.5 (2.6V)
Sapphire Radeon 9000
The cpu temperature is now about 42C under normal operation.
It all seems to be running fine but i am a little worried that the increase in pci and agp speeds may cause problems, having gone up to 36MHz and 4X72MHz respectively.Under the section about my lan card, SANDRA says that my pci latency is too high.Is there anything to worry about?What is the best benchmarking test i can do to test the stability of my machine?

no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
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  1. Hey, not a bad result...

    I would say just run 3dmark2001SE, on looping, for a few hours. Watch it for a while, and see if there're any dodgy graphical glitches. That should show if the AGP's OK..

    My PCI bus is more or less stable at 37Mhz - at least my Soundcard still sounds normal and my LAN still works OK - Windows, Unreal Tournament, etc. I <i>do</i> get problems with Medieval Total War though, which seems to become happy if I lower the OC slightly...

    What CPU Fan/sink are you using? 42C seems pretty low for a Palomino, especially when OC'ed - Mine's usually around 50C at stock speeds... (XP2000+)

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  2. quick answer-yes

    Usually, the rule of thumb is that up to 40MHz PCI/80MHz AGP is okay before you'll have problems. But, like that other guy said, just run 3dmark on loop for a while. If it doesn't crash, you know it's stable.

  3. got thermaltake volcano 7+ and am using high performance thermal compund (8.2w/m k ) so that's why temp is still low(i couldn't get hold of any AS3).I've only got the fan working at the lowest of the three speed settings though so i am fairly impressed with it as it is quiet too and only about 3500rpm.The faster it gets, the more it sounds like a hair dryer so i decided to avoid that.

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
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