Going to buy a new monitor. Need advice.

Hi, I curently have a 22inch monitor for my computer (1680x1050). I'd like to buy a bigger monitor but I want something big (I have the room for a 32inch). I was considering buying an HDTV to be my PC monitor. I have narrowed (not much choice anyways) it down to 3 models because they all have 1080p which is really what I want as a resolution.

The most demanding thing I'll do is play games and watch movies, I'll also be doing some coding, text editing but I can always use the 22inch monitor for that if I feel it doesn't look quite as "sharp".

Finally, I know it's not the good section but if I can get an answer here that'd be great. I have an Asus gts250 which I'm also gonna upgrade at the same time, I'm thinking of getting a gtx470 (I don't care about the brand). Should I do that or get a gtx460, considering I play fps and I like to have some nice settings. I feel that with the price drops from Nvidia, getting the gtx470 is a good choice. I do not want SLI.

If I missed some important info you guys should know about, just let me know and I'll do my best to clear things up.

Thank you.
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  1. Get a TV with the highest resolution at your price range. I stay with Sony but if you prefer a particular brand then get it with high resolution, 1920x1080p is your minimum.
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