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Anyone read the latest article in THW on Slot 1 P III upgrade??

I did just the same thing a few months ago and upgraded my PIII 733 box into this:-

Tyan S1854 board (Via 694x Apollo Pro 133A chipset)
Powerleap PL-IP3/T with P III 1.26S (512k L2 cache)
Kingston PC 133 SDRAM 256MB x 2
Leadtek GF4 Ti4400
WD hard drive 7200rpm (40G + 20G)
SB Live DE
3Com modem and NIC

I upgraded the original PIII 733MHz to PIII 1.26G with the Powerleap adapter. But I did not use the small HSF unit. Instead, I used Alpha PEP66 heatsink togehther with a very quiet Sunon magnetic bearing fan. The downside is the heatsink makes one RAM slot unusable. My upgrade does not requre flashing new BIOS. Just works on 1st try.

PC Mark 2002 results:-

Sandra 2003:-
Memory Bandwith

3D Mark 2001 SE

Not a killer machine, but not too shabby either for a 2 yrs+ old box. I did not overclock. Enough for me to play all current games (ie.GTA III, Americas Army with all features on and to the top).

Happy gaming with an old but revitalized rig!!!

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  1. Seems a bit of a waste of money, (and a waste of an article, but that's THG these days). Perhaps a year or so ago when the powerleap sockets first emerged it might have been worth it, but not now. Cost of powerleap socket €50, PIII 1.4GHz €272. For €322 you can easily get a 1.7GHz+ P4, MOBO and RAM.
  2. Or even a better AXP with mobo and ram....

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  3. I'm selling a Powerleap adapter for $40 if you know anyone who wants it.

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  4. True....it may be more costs-effective to go to new CPU+MB+RAM. I did the upgrade mainly because of lack of time to build a new computer from ground up and do all the tweaking.

    Adapter is the easiest way out. In fact, you do not need to buy a P III 1.4S as such, which is extortionate in price. Thanks Intel!!! You can settle for a lesser PIII or even Celeron. They would be enough to give a nice boast to a BX or 694X box. But to-be PIII/Celeron upgraders beware...these CPU are soon out of production!!

    Of course, if you enjoy building rigs for its own sake....I agree you should build new ones for both costs-saving AS WELL AS its own fun. Upgrades, espcially CPU upgrades, are for peoples like me who do not have the time or inclination to do new-build.

  5. Oh..by the way....they are selling Powerleap slocket in the Far East (Yeah...I am from Hong Kong) a lot cheaper. Not more than US$20. They are built in Taiwan anyway.
  6. I have 2, possibly 3 systems that could stand the upgrades. Buying 3 new systems is out of the question.

    Prime candidate--
    Asus P2B-LS On-board U2W SCSI, LAN. This board is effing rock solid. Primarily used for audio editing with Wavelab 4.0 and the occasional game (Geforce 256 DDR @ 2X). Not a great gamer but runs what I have with a P3-600 oc'd to 672 @112 mHz FSB. This is my "work" platform and about the only thing that could make it better would be to boost the CPU. When I run batch processing in WL, it takes a while-- all of it CPU intensive. Saves on 10K SCSI drive are not a problem-- 40MB wave files save in about 4-5 seconds. This is a candidate for the Celeron 1.4 and at $160 a very viable alternative. This system has 3 different OS (98SE, ME & NTws on 3 different drives) on it and redoing them all after a mb/cpu upgrade just isn't worth it.

    Candidate 2--
    Tyan S1854-- this uses either slot 1 or socket 370; currently has a slot 1 667 oc'd to 750. This is the board that's the Hobson's choice. A full P3-1400 Tulatin setup from Powerleap is about $320. For just a few more $$, I could buy a mobo/cpu/memory bundle with a good name brand board, XP2000, and 256 MB DDR memory. This is my gaming setup-- has GF2, 640 MB SDRAM. If I did the upgrade, I'd add a GF4-4200 128 or something.

    Candidate 3--
    Tyan S1830-- kid's machine and he really wants it to rock. However, he doesn't have a job yet and has no money. Sad part is that he's saddled with a TNT2 Ultra video card and that board will NOT run the newer cards; we've tried. It may be a candidate, but according to Powerleap's website, that board hasn't been successful with the upgrade.

    I fully intend to upgrade the Asus system with the Powerleap Celeron 1400. I figure it will probably run at close to 1.5 gHz if I oc it (better heat sink too). I'll be sure to post the results. If it doesn't work, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

    So, I guess the value of the upgrade depends on what you want. In my case, only 1 system can benefit, really, from the Powerleap upgrade. One just likely won't work, the other isn't cost effective.
  7. I'm interested in that Slotket Crashman, would you be able to ship it to England though?

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  8. Yes, but I'm guessing the shipping would be on the order of $20.

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  9. I agree it may not be very costs-effective to do a CPU upgrade to your Tyan gaming machine ---- same model as mine. Throwing in a GF4 Ti will definitely help a lot.

    Just that you may compare the impact of the CPU upgrade. My rig came with a GF256 SDR. I first upgraded it with a GF4 Ti4400 128MB and using the old Slot 1 PIII 733. The 3d Mark 2001 is about 5000. After the CPU ugrade (Powerleap + PIII 1.26S), the mark jumps by about 50%.

    Whether worth it always a gamer's choice.

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