I am upgrading my computer and I am needing some advice/comments on the parts that I am thinking of going with.

CPU: I was thinking 1600 or 1700 right now until the prices come down on the 2600 so I can purchase one of those or higher! I am thinking this would be a cheap holdover ($50-$60) until I can buy a really nice processor. If it would be a little better to buy an 1800 then I will but I don't plan on overclocking it a lot. Will these come unlocked when used with my motherboard?

Here the other peices that are going to go with it:
Motherboard: Asus A7N8X Deluxe

Memmory: OCZ PC3500 EL 2x256? or 1x512?

Would it be better to snag one 512 now and get another one later on or get two 256 sticks and leave them. I play computer games, surf the web, multitasking, Photoshop, Illustrator, and possibly some other image and video editing software.

Thanks again for all of your help! You guys are great!!
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  1. Oh, the memory debate. For most programs you won't be using more than 512MB until the system is outdated anyway. So two 256MB chips would be better. But still, if you think you will need more than 512MB, than you'll want to go the other way. I'd pick the two 256MB solution myself.

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  2. Wait, let me get this straight. You're buying pretty much <i>the</i> most expensive nForce2 mobo and some insane RAM, but you want a cheap-arsed AXP 1600+? Sure. :)

    Might I suggest the TBredA 1700+? In theory it should OC to a 2x166MHz FSB for a speed of 1.8GHz, which is the speed of an AXP 2200+, but at a better FSB. While the TBredA was never exactly the king of OCing when initially released, it was initially released as an AXP 2200+. So we're talking about OCing a downbinned chip up to the speed that the original was rated at. Hence theoretically it should OC to that speed with no problems. And to do this it doesn't matter if the multiplier is unlocked or not, because you shouldn't even need to touch it. You just need to increase the FSB.

    And of course if it doesn't work, it'll still OC better than your typical Palomino 1600+ or 1700+.

    Oh, and I've heard some bad things about OCZ. Why not go with Corsair XMS?

    Also, you might want to ask around about a nForce2 mobos if you're planning on unlocking the multiplier as from what I've heard, not all do it automatically. (Including the Asus offerings.) I can't remember which ones do and which ones don't off hand though, so doing a search (or just asking) would be suggested. :)

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  3. i remember reading something in the anandtech 6-way nforce 2 mobo review about the automatic-unlocking thing.i think most of them unlock tbred b's at least.have a look on there coz i think it said for each one.

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  4. My Tbred XP1700 does 1833mhz at 1.7v

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  5. Anand claims that the A7N8X unlockes the Tbred-B's, but it doesn't. I have one and my friend has one, our proc's were not automaticly unlocked by the board. It is still an awesome board though, highly recomended.

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  6. Pick up urself a AXDA 1700+ or 1800+ Thoroughbred-A Athlon XP....Make sure u buy it retail cuz it will come Multiplier Unlocked =)

    I picked one up a few weeks ago it OC's from 1800+ - 2000+ at defualt voltage which is 1.50 VCore......awesoem speed for defualt voltage and she idles betweeen 29 - 30 celcious with a Volcano 7....i cant raise the VCore in the MB i have though but i know i can get her to go MUCH higher........anyways yea....

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  7. I would get the T-bred 1700+ or 1800+. And whats this about OCZ ram not being good. I'm using a Stick of OCZ 512 PC2700 in my system right now and it runs great and have had no memory related issues. Running my Paly 1800+ on a 166FSB on a Asus A7N8X deluxe. Hmm Think I will buy a 333FSB Athlon XP2600+ next week.

    My specs
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