How to hack past the bios password on windows vista

When I start my toshiba sattleite A215 it asks for a bios password i can't enter safe mode any way including F keys and delete buttons USB and CD prompts don't work either....please help me
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  1. Heres a quick and dirty way to reset the password on the Toshiba Satellite A205 BIOS.

    Warning! You can only use these tips on your own Toshiba computer if you forgot password, but not other person’s computer!

    DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU ARE THE OWNER OR YOU HAVE BEEN ASKED TO. Warn any clients that something could go wrong with this procedure. THIS IS A RISK!

    (You do this at your own risk. You do this at your own liability. I will not be held responsible if something goes wrong.)

    More detail: Reset Toshiba Satellite BIOS Password
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