Laser reader in nad cd player

When fitting a new kss 210a laser reader to a nad 512 cd player could someone please tell me where exactly on the unit is the solder bridge that needs to be removed prior toallation.If located how does one remove same.
This is my first ever attempt at anything like this ,hpe you can help.
Brian Peter-------- Ireland.
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    Check out the fourth and fifth pictures in the bottom row -- the solder blob at the bottom right hand corner looks to me like the link because it just seems to bridge the tracks on the circuit board rather than being connected to a component.

    Note the antistatic warnings and invest in an earthed wrist strap. If you can't get one, touch a radiator or tap frequently as you work. Do not wear (for example) a jumper made from synthetics or shoes with synthetic soles (trainers) if walking on carpet.
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