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Just received my new Dell laptop XPS 15 today after having to wait six weeks.

Out of the box, windows would not load. Called Dell, after 1.5 hours, multiple crashes, and mutliple disconnects from Dell, I again lose tech support. No return call, so called back to be told tech left for the day!!!

Now, I was able to reboot and launch explorer to type this message, but I'm thinking I got a lemon on my hands. So angry now about the way Dell handled me today, I want to ship it back and just buy another brand. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time.
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  1. You need to work through Dell to get this resolved. Or are you just looking for suggestions for other brands? Check the Laptop forum.
  2. 1. Open a "Disputed Sale" on this transaction with your credit card company.
    2. Work with Dell to get it resolved. I have resolved problems with Dell to my satisfaction.
    3. Rely on written communications, and emails wherever possible. After phone conversations, follow up with a written transcript of what was discussed and agreed to.
    4. Stick with data supported by facts; not opinions.
    5. Did I mention written communications?

    Most companies, including Dell, are interested in resolving issues especially when they are handled in a professional manner.
  3. I own an XPS17 and it is the best value and performance for the money. The speaker was faulty on setup. Called Dell who sent tech to fix in 48 hours. I live 500 kms from nearest service centre. Dell gives great customer support and warranty and are the only brand to give extended warranty at the end of original warranty time. Like Ubrales stated, work with Dell for a happy outcome. I am sorry you have had such drama with your dell purchase.
  4. Hi

    We regret any inconvenience caused and this is definitely not what we want our customers to experience. Please PM your service tag and contact details along with the preferred time to reach, we will be glad to help.

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