am i running hot???

my cpu sits at around 50c when it isn't doing anything, and my motherboard sits at around 29c. Is that too hot to be running at when i am not in any applications. It is a athlon xp 2100+ and a asus a7n8x mobo. please help i dont want to destroy it.
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  1. that is fairly hot for the cpu temperature but you are not in any danger of destroying your processor, although high temps do have a detrimental effect on performance.get yourself some arctic silver 3 or similar high performance thermal paste.if you are still worried, you can always get a new hs/fan- i would recommend thermaltake volcano 7+

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  2. If you don't plan on overclocking, that shouldn't be a problem. Thats within normal range for an AXP, albeit at the high end of the spectrum.

  3. System running stable?? No lockups?? Than its fine..........

    For a piece of the last guy said....TT Volcano 7+..........

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  4. What is the optimum range for the cpu and mobo to be running at. I might just install one of those fans that slide into the pci slots instead of a new hs/fan. that thing is a pain to remove and replace.
  5. THE PCI Cooling fan wont do anythign for ur CPU Temp....i bet u anyways......

    as for a pain......if u do it accordign to the guidelines u cna get off AMD's website there should be no trouble its very easy to do........

    And besides like i said......if ur comp is not crashing......freezing or generaly unstable..what r u worrying about ??????

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  6. I also have an XP2100+ with a stock cooler; 20°C above case/mobo/ambient is normal, and it will hit 25°C (or higher) above case/mobo/ambient under load.

    In my unqualified opinion, a CPU temp above 60°C (under load) is pushing it; it won't mean death for the CPU, but it might not be stable.

    What might help is installing another case fan with blows more air in the direction of the heatsink. Stock heatsinks can be quite efficient, but you need to get rid of the hot air that gets 'trapped' around it. An exhaust fan will do this, but it won't suck away the hottest air that is coming straight off the heatsink. This is where another blower fan (even a low speed one) works wonders; just make sure you have a source of cool air (either from outside the case [side blowhole] or from another intake fan).

    When I set up an 80mm fan to blow onto the top of my stock HSF+fan, my CPU temp dropped by 10°C; it now runs at 45°C under load, even when the case temp is 30°C (i.e. the heating is on).

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    ItS OkAy!

    My cpu sits at 60-70c idle.
    *shrug* The internal sensor is uncalibrated and reads way high.

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  8. With an Athlon XP 2700 (running at 2800 speeds), articsilver 3, and a volcano 7+ on medium speed, i idle at 32C. On low about 35C-36C(all temps using the asus probe). High is just too lound unless I'm having a serious fragfest. I have two 80mm intake, 2 80mm outake, and one intake on the side aimed at the AGP slot.

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  9. Idle? what is this idle you talk about??? I run full load all the time. Give me your full load temps man!

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  10. the latest athlon cooler test on the german THG site from the day before yesterday showed, that temps between 50 and 60°C' are pretty normal.
    heres a table with all the measured results:
    last column is the CPU die temperature under load.

    maybe the article is, as usual, translated in the next days for
  11. btw... as you ca see, they also tested that volcano, that toss5000 uses.. the CPU they tested that heatsink with is a 2400+ and resulted in 51° with medium speed.
    you should not needfully believe what the mainboard monitor tells you, measuring the die temp.
    NO cooler in this test reached such low temps. the lowest was 46°. maybe you reach lower temps when the CPU is 99% idle and you run a program that sets it to HLT mode.. otherwise, without any further cooling techniques, 3x° is somewhat unbelievable..

    btw. the AMD heat guide says that the max. specified temp. is, for the latest athlons , 85°C', 5° below the max. specified temp of the previous XP CPUs(
  12. 85 is 10 degress less than the Palomino's..........they were at 95 degrees like the T-Bird was........

    As for 32 degreees being unbelieveable......I have an AXDA T-Bred-A 1800+ @ 2000+ and its always running 100% Load running seti etc. and with a TT Volcano 7 (non 7+) ive never surpassed 34 degrees celcious........its at 34 right now and the comp. has been running for 9 days 16 hours and some odd minutes constantly running yea........I can vouche for under 40 degrees temps.......

    My XP 1600+ idles at 38-39 at default speeds also with a TT Volcano 7.......and full load which its also always at is usually around 43 Degrees is possible to be under full load.....

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  13. as soon as a temp sensor isn't on die, i rather believe the profesional measurements of THG.
    the temp sensor onboard that does not even touch the die may vary up to +/-20°.
  14. not only is a quality hsf required for low temps but also a good case that supplies good airflow within the case...gotta get that heat out :smile:
  15. I am also using the asus probe when i check, so I added another fan to the back and it took it down to 46 celcius on the cpu. But should i just purchase another fan or go ahead and get a volcano 7 hsf. and to get the hot air out, I suppose i am suppose to put a blower on the grille that is located on the side of the case or the back??
  16. If you want low temps do the following:
    1- Use Artic Silver 3 or equivalent
    2- Use an aftermarket copper based cooler
    3- Use a side intake fan and a top and back exhaust fan on your case

    This is in order of what I would try. If you think about it the first thing you have to do is get the heat off your processor (thermal compound -> heatsink/cooler). Then you have to get the heat out of your case. I realize this is mostly just a logical summation of the above, but I think the order is important. If you can add some Artic Silver 3 and that gets your temps where you want without adding more case fans then you have less noise.

    Of course you could get a liquid nitrogen system.

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  17. Well my case has both. I have the Antec 1080 AMG case. It came with 2 80 mm's on the rear & 1 in the door blowing on the pci slots. I added another 80 to the front, in front of the HDD for cooling. The HDD only blocks half what the fan puts out because of the thickness of the HDD. I can add another in the front if needed. I run all fans with the smart fan option built in the case. I've never heard the fans speed up yet. Actually I can't hear the CPU at all except when my ROM kicks in. I'm reading my temps right off the ASUS probe also & I'm running 37c idle & 40c under load.

    It could just be a untidy wire arrangement that is hindering good air flow. I always spend a lot of time with Chicken Bands to make sure that no air flow is blocked by any wiring. It's some extra effort that I believe pays off in the long run.

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  18. I have a 120 in front, 80 in the back, 80 on the side, 80 on the top. All are turned down so that it's not noisy.

    The 80mm fan on the top of the case exhausts hotter air than the 80mm fan on the back. The power supply fan is still the hottest.

    How do you like that case? Looks like a good one.

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  19. if you get a new hs/fan, make sure you get a volcano 7+ rather than the 7 coz it's much better as it has a copper heatsink.

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  20. I really like it. Like I said with the smart fan arrangement, I don't think it could be any quieter. I'm running some heat also. I got A7V8X with AXP 2400 & Geforce TI4600 cooking & it's the coolest & quietest CPU I've built to date. Oh & the 430 w True Power Supply is just a bonus that came with the case. Ha Ha!

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  21. Yes. I like the Antec True Power. I have it in my system also.

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  22. I run an AXP 2000+ w/stock HS & Fan. Low 50's temperatures typically. I like to leave my case open.

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  23. Oh yeah, and my system is still stable, so no worries there.

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  24. if you are using the asus temperature monitor, the readings are more than likely way higher than they really are. the program is really unreliable and i wouldnt worry about it as long as u dont have any lockups
  25. for a 2800, what is a unstable temp?

    Is THG Slightly Slacking??
  26. ooohh yeah baby. you're HOT!!! :-)

    nah your processor's not that hot. sure it would seem hot for people with 20+ degree celsius room temp but I have an average 32 degree celsius room temp. My t-bird 850 runs at 51-52 during idle/half load. went up to 57 when I used toast.

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  27. I use to use an Titan Heatsink on my ATHLON XP 1800+
    my Temp went up to 88 degrees in the asus probe program
    the system was still 100% stable
    so I replaced my heatsink with a coolermaster one now my temp reads between 48 idle to 62 full load

    I am planning to put in watercooling soon

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