SB X-FI Xtreme Gamer Sound Card

I have installed the sound card and updated it's drivers. Except I'm haveing some really bad issues with this card. The only sound that I can get out of the card is like a 1920's radio. I need HELP configuring this card from someone. Please!!!

Thank You
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  1. Well, it IS an old card, but it shouldn't be that bad...could be a lot of things, from Creatives crappy drivers, to bad speakers. We need a bit more information to work with...
  2. Well, I just bought the card New, and I use Head phones not speakers. When I reboot my computer, it comes up with seeing the card but then tells me that that I'm missing a "Multimedia Audio Controller" and then it tells me that my hardware is not configured correctly and my not work. My computer is a P4 2.26gig....yea, it's about five years old, but everything else is working correctly.......Any ideas???
  3. OS?
  4. No worries. I finally contacted Creative and they sent me the correct drivers this time. Now it's just fine tuning the damn thing.....Thank you
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