What's the difference between T-bred A/B?

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  1. Well you see the T-bred's original blood just wasn't conducive to competetive cloning, so they re-engineered some of the genes.

    Seriously, what do you think is different? It's a core revision, and as one would expect, B is better than A. Technically, the only real difference is adding an extra layer to the core so that they could reduce signal noise in the core, making it much more scalable than the A.

    It's what AMD gets for rushing their .13 micron conversion before it's ready instead of just fixing the problems first and <i>then</i> going to market.

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  2. Now the question is will the TBred B version be available at the lower XP rated versions below XP2400+/2ghz?
  3. so are all XP chips 2600 and over t bred B?
  4. XP2400 and above are Tbred B's. I am hoping the TBred B's will be issued at a slower rating and a cheaper price but yet overclock the same speeds.
  5. AMD had issued a statement they will go for it to prevent having two different Tbreds being produced and instead have one FAB for all the Tbred Bs.
    I am hoping this is true and will be applicable soon.

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  6. From XP2400+ and above are tbredB. The B scales better is slightly cooler and overclocks better.

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