Sony Vaio Z51 recovery on a Vaio Z21?

Gents (and Ladies, of course, if there are any), I own a Vaio Z21 (comes with Vista) and I have a Vaio Z51 Recovery DVD (comes with Windows 7). I would like to install the Z51 recovery on my Z21, but it fails.I guess it reads the BIOS model information, but it doesn't give a proper error message. Does anybody have an idea: a) How to get the recovery installer running on that different hardware? b) How to extract individual application from the recovery DVD? c) How to change the model ID in the BIOS? I saw a technician doing this when changing Mainboards, there must be tools on the market for doing this, I hope?! Anyone ony idea? Thnaks Olli
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  1. Remember, it's an OEM version of Windows, hence it is permanently "tethered" to a specific motherboard. You'll probably never get it to install, even with a BIOS flash. Usually the BIOS are locked down pretty tight in computers from the big manufacturers, so the chances are slim of manipulating it.
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