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I have a 5.1 sound system and I need a little help. For example, when watching a war movie, I have to turn the volume up when there is conversation taking place because I can balrey hear them speaking. However, when a war scene or action scene start the volume of the movie goes way high and hurts the ears almost. is there a setting that I can adjust that can help me with this problem. I am to busy turning up and down the volume accordingly when something is going on in the movie to actual enjoy the flick. any suggestions?
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  1. use our soundcard, and enable loudness equalization

    and about the hearing, i think the dialogue gets drowned out cos of the processing of the audio. i think u may have to enable 5.1 properly, and enable dolby digital.
  2. Possibilities
    1) You have a really reflective room
    2) Your speakers have poor dispersion (possible remedy put tweeters at ear level and sit directly facing speakers).
    3) Your speakers suffer from lobing (bad design--remedy same as above).
    4) Ambient volume is too high
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