New ipod not working after charging first time


Has someone the answer to this problem:
My daughter has bought an Ipod Nano and connects it properly for the first time charging.
with the usb connected it functioned well, but after charging the complete night and disconnecting it it won't work at all.
connecting to an other computer does not work also.

returning it to the store she gets a new one. Same problem......

They take it back, she decides to buy a creative zen instead, same problem....

is it possible that:
* the usb port blows the MP3 player?
* the MP3 player is empty, seems to charge, but does not?
* some other option??

please help, I doe not know the solution and won't risk to charge the next player to end up broken......

the computer is Windows XP, which reports that the power on the usb ports is 500 ma each. (which is the right current, no?)

Greetz Cor.
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  1. What is the model of the computer you are charging them on?
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