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Can someone recomend a CPU for a system I'm building? Is AMD better than Intel? Are there issues with each? I'm building a mid-level non-gaming system for IE, email, and MS Office apps. What level of CPU gives you the most performance for the price?


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  1. "Is AMD better than Intel?"

    oh no
  2. Please-o-please read the forum, or better yet, do a search for "AMD vs Intel" Trust me, you will find THOUSANDS of posts on the topic!

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  3. Athlon XP is the best CPU for you.

    Recommended components:-

    Athlon XP 1700+ (retail) $65
    Mobo:- ASUS A7N266-VM $72
    RAM:- 256 MB Kinsgton PC2100 CL2.5 DDR
    Graphics card:- Integrated GeForce2 MX video $0
    Sound and LAN:- Onboard $0

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  4. Since you are price/performance oriented, I also suggest the AXP. IT <i>may</i> not be as stable as an Intel PC, but you seem to just do some everyday stuff.

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  5. I'd say that is a good recommendation.

    The Athlon XPs are an awesome bargain at the moment. You can get an AXP 2000+ w/heatsink and fan for less than $100 now.

    For motherboards you can search the forums. Tons of comments on this stuff. I use an MSI SiS 745 Ultra 2 - it's very stable.

    And if you're shopping online, check out <A HREF="" target="_new">Reseller Ratings.Com</A>.

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  6. How is it LESS stable than a Intel setup if u dont mind me asking ????

    Either system Intel or AMD would be very good and stable if both r setup right....good ram...good MB w/ a good chipset and good PSU etc.....

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  7. definitely AMD in fact an AXP 1700+ would be more then enough for that. Even a Duron would do the job very well, but for a few bucks more you have already an AXP 1700+. So on that part i would say: take the AXP. It might be a little bit slower in simple internet and office tasks then intel, but at these speeds it's in fact unsignificant for what you do, certainly when you considder the difference in price!

    A truth is: even an older PIII 800 or athlon 800 would do the job as good as the AXP's... in fact to be honest: i never reached the limits of my pentium III 933 by using IE, e-mail, and office apps... when i was doing that (while he was playing MP3's in the same time more then 80% of my processor time was just doing... nothing at all :lol:

    So if you plan to use your comp for this, then it's better that you invest the money you spare by buying an AXP into an extra DDR-module or perhaps a good 2D graphic card (Matrox is very well known for their very good 2D), and most of all perhaps a better monitor. (of course this depends on what you want to spend, but i advise then to spare money by taking the AXP, and to put some extra's in some ergonomic aspects such as the monitor, graphic card,...)

    it would be more comfortable and thus more suitable, i guess.

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  8. I said <i>may</i>. In some cases it is and you know it.

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  9. What cases?
  10. I hate this debate.

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  11. For "IE, email, and MS Office apps." your config is a d*mn sensible suggestion. Congrats.

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  12. If I had a dime for each AMD vs Intel post....I could buy the geforce FX when it comes out.

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  13. Such as with some VIA chipset setups.

    The newer VIAs seem to be a bit better, although the KT400 isn't all that great either for performance.

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  14. Actually, I think Intel is a better chip than AMD. That does not mean AMD is bad, my personal computer runs AMD as does my girlfriends, which I also built. Intel created and patented their instruction sets, and programmers write code based off of Intel chips (usually). AMD therefore has to run a "compatable" technology that can try to process the same code designed for Intel chips. AMD has done a great job with this and I think comparing these two chips is like comparing a Lamgorghini car to a Ferrari (Let's not get into a debate over which is better, I'm just using these as an analogy for this example). Both of these are top quality cars, and whichever is better would be only slightly better than the other one. Who would say, That sucks, I got a Ferrari instead of a Lamborghini. No one, they are both great cars, just like Intel and AMD are both great chips, just one is a little better, Intel. Intel also runs cooler than AMD and uses some better technologies. AMD however, has a better technology for their instruction set than Intel, it's just most programmers write code based on Intel chips, so that's more of a compatablity thing. For what you are going to use this system for however, I believe you should go with an AMD, becuase this system will not be doing anything intensive and AMD is the best performance-to-price ratio.

    I am about to build me a new system, and I plan on it using an AMD chip.
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