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I just purchased the Sony mhc ec99i shelf system. It has only one input jack (for PC or other digital source). I would like to be able to use our turntable, which is an older, analog model, for the purpose of playing our vinyl through the system. Can I just purchase an RCA stereo jack adaptor? Or am I doomed? Thanks so much for your help! And here is a link to the owner's manual for the mhc ec99i:
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  1. You need a phono preamp to amplify and equalise the output of your turntable to match the line-level input on the Sony. If in US try Radio Shack, in UK Maplin or Richer Sounds. Ebay also a probable source.

    You also need a cable to link the mini-jack on the sony to the RCA/phono sockets likely to be on the phono preamp. Luckily, you already probably have the standard lead that links computer audio output (mini jack) to other devices (phono sockets) -- like speakers.

    Shouldn't be any technical issues but make sure the turntable audio earth lead is secured to the preamp to avoid hum.
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