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my dad asked me if I could build him a computer for his office. Typically they order from Dell, but he asked me if I would build him one (it's cheaper for his office and I get the $$) anyway here is what ai sketched out, please tell me if you see any problems. Thanks in advance for all the help!

Processor: Celeron 2.0 ghz: $86

ASUS Motherboard for Intel Pentium 4 Processors, Model #P4GE-V/L - $120

CASE: 350 Watt Power Supply, Generic Case - $48 - N82E16811158001

RAM: pc2100 256mb - $61 - KVR266X64C25/256

Hard Drive: WD WESTERN DIGITAL EIDE HARD DRIVE 40GB 7200RPM MODEL # WD400BB - $85 - N82E16822140118

Video Card: VGA EVGA GEFORCE2 TI64MB - $63 – N82E16814130128

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! Dolby Digital 5.1 - $36 - N82E16829102156

CD-RW Drive:
Lite On 40X12X48 CDRW Model: LTR40125S - $50 - N82E16827106177

Iomega Internal EIDE 250MB Zip Drive - $63 - N82E16840107121

Monitor - Viewsonic E70f 17" PerfectFlat CRT Monitor - $152 - N82E16824116169

Speaker, Keyboard, Mouse – $0-50

$764 Total
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  1. Does your dad actually <i>do</i> anything at the office? With a Celeron, I sure hope not...

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  2. he really doesn't do anything intensive though. Word Processing, Email, Internet, and thats it. He's using an Optiplex PIII 450 right now and it's near its death. He's a 60 year old lawyer so he's not photoshopping or anything.
  3. I never use generic power supplies or memory. Pop in an Antec or Enermax power supply and use Kingston, Crucial, Corsair memory. There are other memory brands. A name brand should be more reliable.

    Why the Zip drive if you have a CDRW?

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  4. Find a motherboard with onboard sound (that one might have it) so that you can cut out the soundcard. You're the one making the money here right? He doesn't need a soundcard in the office.

    Zip 250? Why? Up the burner to a 24x re-writable and buy him some disks. 14 rewritables (one for everyday of the week, 2 weeks worth, to back up data at the end of each day)

    Personally, if I were you, I would get something like a nforce mobo (maybe a Asus A7N266) and a athlon and use the onboard sound and video. That's $70 for the mobo, and say $70 for a T-bred 1700+ which is by far better than that celeron garbage. That's over $150 cheaper and better.

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  5. At 15c a CD, Why not get a CD-R for every business day of the year? A $39 per annum cost.

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  6. God, not the celleron. The hottest celleron you can possible get i might add!

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  7. I'd suggest a cheaper video card, and Crucial memory.

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  8. Recommended components:

    CPU:- Athlon XP 1700+
    Mobo:- ASUS A7N266-VM
    Ram:- 256 MB Kingston PC2100 CL2.5 DDR
    Video Card:- Onboard GeForce2 MX
    Sound:- nForce APU
    LAN:- Onboard
    CD-RW:- LiteOn 48x/24x/48x

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  9. Here's my reccomendation:
    (Newegg Prices)
    Processor: Athlon XP 1700+ $51
    Mobo: AD11 (not on newegg, find it, it's a damn good board)~$60
    case:Antec SLK3700AMB w/ 350W PSU $73
    RAM: 256MB Kingston RC2100 $57
    Hard Drive: Maxtor 40GB D740X $78
    Vid Card:NVidia TNT2 M64 $25
    Sound card integrated into mobo
    CD-RW: Lite On 40X12X48 CDRW Model: LTR40125S $50
    Zip Drive:Iomega Internal EIDE 250MB Zip Drive $63
    Monitor:NEC FE791SB $176
    Total: $581

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  10. I don't know why people recommended that you opt out of a Zip Drive. Your dad is a lawyer and would certainly go for a <b>DESCENT</b> backup mechanism. I have found that a Zip drive is ok for backing up important files. Creating a CD, even CDRW, is too much of a hassle, unless you need major backups.

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  11. Mount Rainier supported CD-RW's are Zip Drive killer

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  12. What's the hastle? With WinXP there's no hastle at least. The reason I don't think a zip drive is practical is because the disks are expensive, the drives are expensive, and although the new 750MB zip run at 50x, a 24x CD-RW is pretty damn good.

    I have a Zip100 internal drive, and although I have used it a lot, it wasn't nearly enough to justify me buying it. Unless you're a student I can't really think of a single reason to own a zip drive now that cd-rw drives are so fast and cheap.

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  13. definitely go the low rated athlon xp route like others have suggested.they are about the same price as celerons but immeasurably better.

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  14. I recently built a Athlon 1800+ system for my 85 year old grandma, I can't agree more with the earlier suggestions. I used a nforce 1 board from MSI and 2100 DDR, it was cheap and performs excellently.


    ps: she is into geneology and regualry uses very large databases of the UK census's that use to cripple her old machine.

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