Got 64 Bit Manuals?

I received my 64bit manuals from AMD today. I didn't think there was that much information on x86-64. Manuals are as follows:

Volume 1: Application Programming
Volume 2: System Programming
Volume 3: General Purpose and System Instructions
Volume 4: 128-Bit Media Instructions
Volume 5: 64-Bit Media and x87 Floating Point Instructions (CD-ROM included)

Each manual is about 500 pages in length and has good detail. Now I'm obligated to read these 2500 pages.

Dichromatic for your viewing plesure...
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  1. I bet you can skim through most of it though. I mean how much is really likely to be new in concept?

    PC Repair-Vol 1:Getting To Know Your PC.
    PC Repair-Vol 2:Troubleshooting Your PC.
    PC Repair-Vol 3:Having Trouble Troubleshooting Your PC?
    PC Repair-Vol 4:Having Trouble Shooting Your PC?
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