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I got a samsung LCD tv (HD ready) model :LA22B350. I have connected my Tv with my LG 5.1 home theatre system with a cable provided with LG product. when i play dvds & usb on my LG ,sound system is absolutely i got a cable connection for my TV & want to play the TV shows with sound on my LG home theatre system & not with the TV inbuilt speakers . IS IT POSSIBLE to do so ?? if possible HOW DO I DO that ???
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  1. the cable box usually has an audio output,
    or the TV audio output, will connect to an input on the 5.1 system. check the 5.1 unit or manual, to see what audio inputs are available, usually RCA to RCA stereo.
  2. thanks for the reply..
  3. connect the tv to lg HOME THEATER by (one-one) cable ''like the aux cable '' and but ur HOME THEATER on portable and have fun . make sure u put ur tv sound setting on out speaker on sound setting
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