Laptop LCD image is streched and deformed

Happy Holidays everyone!

I have a very strange problem on my hands, I replaced the LG Philips LCD on an nc8000 (HP) laptop. I used the only other 15" inch LCD I had on hand, a Hitachi LCD from a Dell Inspiron 8100. The only difference is the Hitachi/Dell screen uses a non-standard inverter, glued to the back of the LCD unit. (see photo from Google).

I figured, even though the Hitachi's inverter is a different shape, it's function is the same as the nc8000's, and I hoped to get away with using the nc8000's inverter instead. After all, the inverter input connections for each of these were different, but the outputs each had were the usual two-pin white and pink plugs.

Therefore, by using the stock display cable inside the nc8000, along with the stock inverter, I was able to plug everything in correctly. Keep in mind, the 30-pin XGA video plug is exactly the same in both LCDs, so no worries there. :-)

When I turned on the laptop, I immediately saw the problem: A third of the LCD's image was white, along the bottom, but the image wasn't cut off, it was just stretched along the upper two-thirds. (photo, recreated from Paint, since I don't have a camera).

I've replaced a dozen LCDs, and I've never seen anything like this, I obviously suspected the inverter first, but now I'm not so sure. Since practically the entire image is being displayed, I suspect the nc8000's BIOS just doesn't know how to stretch it vertically. That makes more sense to me, as the BIOS is assuming the stock LG Philips LCD is still attached.... Any ideas? Please?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hello everyone, sorry for not posting sooner. I usually get an email with any new replies, unfortunately, no one quite knew how to answer my question, so it got buried.

    I should've been less detailed about the problem, it's just a general question about laptop LCDs, not a specific model question, I only including the model numbers for reference, nothing more.

    Are LCDs from different manufacturers not compatible, regardless of their connection being the same (30-pin)??

    As I pointed out, I've actually swapped LCDs from different manufacturers, but I've never encountered this problem before. Help! :S
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