Blu ray problems!

so I just got this blu ray player

and I have tried playing a blu ray movie on countless media players without success... (drive works fine and recognizes the BD)

I am running on a windows 7 64 bit, 7100 build with a 780i mobo E6750 @ 3.4 ghz, 4 gigs ddr2 800, a 7200 rpm HD, and a GTX 260 SC...

the closest I have come to success has been with powerdvd9 free trial, however when I hit play the media player shows a load bar for the blu ray and upon reaching 100% the color scheme changes saying the color scheme isn't compatible with the media player??? ... and then there is a black screen on the player as if the blu ray is just about to start playing, but it simply will not play...

any ideas? ... man this blu ray incompatibility BS has me aggravated, hope somebody out there knows some solutions! thanks a million times in advance folks!!!
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  1. I am having this same problem. Does anyone have any ideas????
  2. You wanna line up the Blu-ray media players you've tried, so we won't go suggesting something you might have actually tried already?
  3. I'm having the same issue. Bought a Samsung SH-B123l and tried it for the first time today. It plays other discs fine but not blu-ray. I've tried the PowerDVD9 that came with it (but wont update), KM Player, WMP, Zoom Player, Media Player Classic, WinDVD, DAPlayer,...

    None of them have worked and all say
    "Unable to play [00014.mpls] This may be due to a corrupt file, missing filters, filter conflicts, or hardware related issues."

    The nearest I have gotten to getting one to play was using an 'AnyDVD' trial to disable protections. It went through an IMAX trailer and then stopped at the menu screen (without any lettering on it) and then wouldn't continue.

    As it stands right now I'm ripping the Blu-ray and hoping it will play from there.... which I think having to do that to play a disc is the dumbest thing I've seen recently. A bit much as I don't want to copy any blu-ray discs... just watch them.

    Can anyone help? I'd really appreciate it.
  4. Sounds like you already tried more than one disk, You can try updating your video/audio drivers also.

    It's odd that a new player would come with PowerDVD 9, they are on version 11 now.
    Did you look here

    You may also try Samsung support if they will provide you with a fix or a new player software.
  5. it was bought from an electric seller on ebay sadly.

    all i could finf anywhere near relevance was this:
    my video card is an nvidia GEForce 8500 GT

    however that doesnt explain why it plays the trailers but not the movie. as an addendum; I ripped the movie to my hard drive and played it. it played fine apart from no sound.

    as yet ive only tried it on one disc. but like an idiot i expected it to work and ordered 3 more to be delivered... more money seemingly wasted.

    thanks for at least looking 'hang-the-9'.

    my video and audio drivers are up to date. if anyone else has any ideas id be grateful.
  6. If you got an old player from ebay, could be a bad drive.

    If the other movies don't work, return the drive you ordered and get a new one.
  7. hang-the-9 said:
    If you got an old player from ebay, could be a bad drive.

    If the other movies don't work, return the drive you ordered and get a new one.

    im thinking the hardware is ok... as software discs, music, data, and dvd discs all work in it.
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