Wats ur opinion on Logitech Z5500?

Hi guys,
Wats ur opinion on Logitech Z5500
Is it powerfull ,Good or
A Bad one?
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  1. powerful, BUT....

    uses a full range driver, so the treble and the midrange wont be as pronouced as the z-2300 sattelites
    boomy bass, not very optimised port, so the bass is a bit slow, and overlapped.

    and one more thing, they should have really used a class D amplifier, not that it matters...
  2. I am new in this segment,So can u make these^ more clear?
  3. It's a nice integrated setup, if you can find it for $200 or less. That's about the most I would pay for it, anything above and home-theater-in-a-box products run in circles around it.
  4. Aneesh@4GHz said:
    I am new in this segment,So can u make these^ more clear?

    the satellites use one speaker cone (driver) to play the midrange freqeuncys to high frequency. while the z2300 has 2 seprate drivers, which splits the high frequency and then mid range. so the sound is more precise and pronouced.

    the z-5500 has a port which improves effiency of bass frequency, but it isnt designed very well, so it sounds muddy, and 'loose'.
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