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hello everyone,

someone gave me an acer laptop they were getting rid of. (they thought it was broken but all it was was a bad ram chip :) ) but i found he only had the power block from the charger but not the power cord with it. i have searched all around the net and locally and could not find anywhere that has the power cord for the laptop. now i find a friend of mine that has an acer laptop too and his power cord is broke now. i solved my issue by getting a cheap ac charged for mine off of ebay. (has the same power cord as the original so if the block for the new one doesn't last or work then no probs anyway) but just wondering if anyone knows anywhere i could just get a power cord for the charger an not a complete one.
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  1. I've always gone to either: or

    They usually have items in stock that you can't find anywhere else and they are pretty reasonable. Not sure if you have checked those yet or not?
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    It'd be easier to just make one. Pick up a male AC plug and some flexible wire that fits the current specs of the supply and connect it to the PSU with some wire knuts. Can probably be done with $10.
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