SSD detected but will not boot

Hi everyone,
I recently rebuilt my pc and when starting up, the CMOS Splash Screen is shown and when I try to load the OS in "start windows normally" it flashes a single frame of a BSOD and restarts or if I select Safe mode to use system restore, then the OS will try to load and Windows will search for the problem but not find it. I have already sent and received the Mobo, CPU, RAM, PSU and GPU for warranty testing (previously, it would not even POST) and apparently they had Windows 7 running fine once they updated the BIOS. Therefore, since everything else works fine, is my SSD dead or deadish? It is detected and I have selected it as the first preference to boot.

System Specs:
CPU: i7 2600k
Mobo: Gigabyte Z68 UD3XP
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 4x4Gb 1600 CL9
PSU: Corsair HX750
GPU: Asus DCII gtx 560 ti TOP
DVD: Lite on 22x
Case: HAF 922M

SSD: Intel 520s 128GB
HDD: WD Caviar Black 1TB

I appreciate any help and the sooner the better. I will attempt to create a USB boot but would like to get the SSD going as it has my work programs. Also, has anyone had problems with the 520s? I chose that one because apparently it was more reliable.
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  1. Have you tried just reinstalling windows on the SSD yet?
  2. I have thought about that, but that would delete my programs which would be very painful to reinstall. I will try that as a last resort.
  3. remove the HDD from the computer, can you enter BIOS then?

    --- nevermind that

    so you already had the SSD with windows loaded on it... and you upgraded your motherboard?

    of course it's not gonna work then, you need to reinstall windows
  4. Yes, I have unplugged it and I can enter the BIOS.
  5. your windows load doesn't have the drivers for your new hardware. you will need to either buy a universal restore program (not cheap) to inject the new drivers or reload windows with your current hardware set.
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    is the ssd bios i400?? the last bios for the drive. if not be carefull if you do try and update an ssd firmware. some will wipe the drive when it does the update. the error your talking about sounds more like a damaged mb driver then a hard failure. i would try booting into safe mode. uninstall all the system devices under device manager. also if you loaded the mvp software uninstall it in safe mode. it can cause bsod. see if when windows reboots it reinstall and fixes the damaged device at start up. if it not a devices then boot into safe mode under msconfig turn everything off in start up and uninstall the anti virus software and reboot.
    when you get into windows normal reinstall your anti virus.
  7. Sorry everyone, I found the problem. When the BIOs was updated, it reset backt to IDE. I changed it to AHCI and it is all working now. Thanks for your input.
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