The pen from my tablet wont work, its a Genius Tablet G-pen F610.Help?

:( :( I just bought this tablet a few days ago, and the pen isn't working. When I bought it and installed it, it worked fine for about 4 minutes, then just stopped. It's been about a day and it still doesn't work. the light is flashing on the tablet,too, so I'm not sure how to fix it or what the problem with it even is. The tablet itself I'm assuming is fine, it's just the pen won't do anything. It won't move my cursor or even click. Can someone please help? I have a project due and I really need it to work soon. :( :(
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  1. Someone if you can please answer it would really mean a lot. :( I'm really freaking out over my deadline for the project, and I'm no good with computers. I'm afraid to do something to make it worse, so I haven't touched my settings or anything. Please help!
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