The Decision - Gateway vs Asus

I have been researching laptops for a couple weeks and have come across quite a few that interest me, 3 from Asus and 3 from Gateway. Now I am trying to figure out which company to buy from and what notebook to get.

I have discovered a similar trend though among the laptops I have found, and that is Gateway is to 9800M GTS, as Asus is to GTX 260M. As well as Gateway RAM - DDR3, and Asus RAM - DDR2.

From my readings DDR3 > DDR2, and GTX 260M > 9800M GTS. So I can either have better RAM, or a better Video Card. I choose Video Card, honestly.

The Video Memory of both the GTX 260M and the 9800M GTS is GDDR3.

My findings are below:

Gateway FX P-7805u
Gateway FX P-7809u
Gateway P-7811 FX


Asus G51Vx-rx05
Asus G60Vx-RBBX09
Asus G71Gx-RX05 (Refurb.)

Reasons I have chosen them:

Gateway FX P-7805u: Cheaper than the others by around $100, and still has a P8400 and 9800M GTS.
Gateway FX P-7809u: Has an upgraded processor, the P8700. It also has the largest HDD of the 3 Gateways, of 500 GB.
Gateway P-7811 FX: Largest screen resolution, at 17" - 1920 x 1200, while still having the standard P8400 and 9800M GTS. Has the smallest HDD, at 200 GB, but it is 7200 RPM.

Asus G51Vx-RX05: Cheapest of the 3 Asus, by about $150, but has the worst processor, a P7350, as well as the smallest screen at 15.6".
Asus G60Vx-RBBX09: Has the P8700, the GTX 260M, a medium sized 16" 1368 x 768 screen, and has the largest HDD at 640 GB.
Asus G71Gx-RX05 (Refurb.): Also has the P8700, but has a higher amount of RAM at 6 GB DDR2 (up from 4 GB DDR2 of the other models). Has a fairly large HDD of 500 GB, but the slowest speed of 5400 RPM, and the biggest screen of 17.1" with a resolution of 1440 x 900.

All of these laptops, with the exception of the FX P-7805u and the Asus G51Vx-RX05, are between $900 and $1000.

If I have failed to mention a very good laptop around that range, please let me know! :)

Both Gateway and Asus have their advantages. On Gateways end, is the massive Gateway P-7811 FX, and for Asus the G71Gx-RX05 Refurb.

Gateway vs Asus:

P8400 vs P8700
4 GB DDR3 vs 6 GB DDR2
9800M GTS vs GTX 260M
200 GB 7200 RPM vs 500 GB 5400 RPM
1920x1200 vs 1440x900

What do you guys think?
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    Or you can bridge the gap and get the best of both worlds:

    It's the newer update for the Gateway P7915u FX. Comes with the P8700, 4gb DDR3, GTX 260M. Only downside is that it still has the lower screen res. All for about $1100.
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