How to find out the production date on HP product from serial number?

Hello, I am trying to find out either the product number or the production date for my HP DC7100 SFF with serial number 2UA5110HHY
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  1. Hello,

    The product number should be located next to the Serial number. To find out production date I would go to and enter the product number. Check under warranty. Hope that helps.
  2. thanks for the information.. But warranty information may vary from production date by few month and sometimes up to a year.. I wanted to get the production date... I hope someone out there can assist me in getting this information somehow.. thanks
  3. The warranty information is based on the date of purchase not the production date. If you need assistance obtaining more information from HP regarding what the warranty reflects or production date please email me at with all your product and contact information. Please include Attn: Veronica Tom's Guide in the subject line. I will try to connect you to the correct dept that can give you this information.


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