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Today I clicked on Internet Explorer and tried a Google Search. I only did one left-click of my mouse each time. Multple windows appeared and continued to propagate non-stop, until I closed all windows. Does anyone know what could be causing that? I know that I could do a restore to yesterday and the problem would probably go away, but I would like to know the cause of it.
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  1. Could be a virus, or mal-ware causing it. Go to the options, Advanced tab and reset IE to defaults, and also delete the caches and cookies and see what happens. Also scan the system with a virus/malware removal.
  2. Get, update and run a full scan with Malwarebytes. Remove everything it finds. Get it here:

    Also, make sure your anti-virus is up to date and run a full scan with it as well.
  3. what did you search for?
  4. rgd1101 said:
    what did you search for?


    is there anything else?
  5. Anonymous said:

    is there anything else?

    I know, but there is all different kind.
  6. I was trying to check the latest description of AVG through a Google search, but multiple windows kept popping up after I clicked on a particular link.
  7. I ran Malwarebytes from my flashdrive and my AV quarantined it as a virus. I then disabled my AV and downloaded Malwarebytes to my hard drive and ran it. No malware was found. I checked it with several other antimalware programs and came up with the same result.

    I then restored my hard drive to its two-day prior configuration and now my Win7 system works fine. At the time the problem occurred, I was simultaneously running the Google Chrome browser from my flashdrive and IE9 and GreenBrowser (which uses Internet Explorer as a proxy) from my hard drive. Could that have caused a conflict?

    Anyway, thanks everyone for your input. I have since checked my system with several remote AV scanners and no viruses were found. There were about 1,200 junk and cache files found by A1 Cleaner that I deleted, which CCleaner did not find.
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