Kodak digital camera how to copy all pictures to computer

When I connect my Kodak camera to my PC with the cord, it automatically copies all the "new" Pictures to the computer.
I copied some pictures to the pc but accidentally they got deleted from my pc.
I tried to copy them to pc again from my camera but since they have been copied once already, they do not get copied to the pc the second time.
What do I do it I want it to copy all pictures "new" and "old" to the pc.
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  1. Check the manual and see whether there is a setting for copying only the new pictures. Change the setting in the menu to 'ALL'

    Another option is to take the memory card and insert it into a card reader. Now all the pictures will be displayed and you can copy all ot just the ones you want.
  2. Hi everyone!
    I got a similar digital camera but the cord is missing. To me, it seems as if the whole stuff is useless since nowadays i am unable to upload pictures from the camera to my pc. I am wondering if it's possible for me to get the same cord that will work exactly with the camera?
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