Dual P4 yet?

I have a Pentium 4 2.0G now and it works fine. Occasionally I miss my old P3 1G dually setup. I hate the pause or stutter when I'm printing or writing a CD. Anyway, is there anything new in the SMP world for Pentium 4s? Is there a DUAL P4 motherboard yet?



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  1. No. Only the xeons work with a dual setup. I saw one aopen board for $484.
  2. Why not give it a few more months, when Dual-Core will be out?
  3. I don't miss my old Dually P3 1.26G setup because I still run it :) Works better for me than many of the single processor 2GHz+ P4 machines I have around. Instead of P4 Xeon why not go AMD? My home machine is a Dual AMD2600+ MP, works great and you'll get the processors and MOBOs much cheaper than Xeons.

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  4. You could get a hyperthreading Pentium 4 which makes your processor work like 2 processors.

    I never have freezes when I burn cd's while I play games on my HT comp.

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  5. WOW! A blast form the past. I posted this question 2 years ago There is still no P4 dually, except Xeons. I now have a P4 3.06 with HT, but I! suspect a true dual processor rig would be smoother. I could jump to AMD when it is time for the next upgrade, but hey since HL2 is smooth at 1280 X 1024, what's the need?

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  6. LoL I guess I resurrected your thread! I decided to sort the forum by replies, and didn't check the dates!
  7. Quote:
    and didn't check the dates!

    Maybe you should...most people don't want to read crap that's two years old (especially a dumbass question like a dual p4 board!).

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  8. Even though it was a mistake, sort of, I think the question is still relevent 2 years later.

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