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Ok, in trying to figure out why my computer won't boot I removed the heatsink and processor from the motherboard. Now, in addition to the thermal paste on the cpu, the chip looks like its got like a watermark around it, now I know its not water, but that's what it looks like. Is that normal, or is it a sign that the chip is burnt or something like that?
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  1. did you glob the thermal compound on?

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  2. Only around the die correct?? like not on the doe but around it on the chips packaging ?? thats normal...its just grease from the packaging that came up from the heat...u can run it off with rubbing alcohol......

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  3. it is probably a little bit of oil from the thermal interface material, it is nothing to worry about. what are the symptons?

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  4. Alright, thanks. I just wanted to make sure because I'm narrowing down what could be possible problems with my computer. I just won't boot and the when it does (haven't gotten it to in awhile) and I shut it down, all the fans and other things keep running despite the mobo shutting off. So if the CPU is ok (there aren't any cracks or anything in it, it was just the oil residue) then its eitehr the mobo or power supply. But if the power supply actually turns on and stuff I'm guessing its the mobo that I should send back.

    P.S. I already tried taking it apart and putting it back together to see if I crossed any wires and also tried to reset the CMOS several times, but it still doesn't work. If anyone else has any suggestions before I send this thing back, that would be great! =)
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